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Great minds thinking together: Project allows citizens to create policy possibilities...

Here’s a really good overview of the Interactivity Foundation project on the Future of Higher Ed that KSU professor Tim Steffensmeier facilitated. I like the way he summarized the rationale behind our approach:

"The jury is a hallmark of our political system, but reliance on citizen input is not present in other aspects of the political process," said Tim Steffensmeier, associate professor of communication studies. "People typically are called upon to react to ideas that have been created by experts. Yet, citizens have much to contribute." […]

"Traditionally, policymaking is handled by experts, but this project allowed citizen groups to develop ideas for higher education policy," Steffensmeier said. "We’re getting citizens involved in the front end of policy creation." […]

"This shows the intelligence of groups, whether they have expert knowledge or not," he said. "If groups are given a process by which to deliberate, they have the capacity to come up with sophisticated ideas."

You can read the full report and download free copies at this link: Future of Higher Education.

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